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I seemed to have forgotten how much work work is.

So work is going fine....yeah.

The guy I work for and the guy I work with are both great. The problem with the new job is that bossman was 2 week behind in orders before I came on board Monday. So it's been long hours right off the bat. I'm not just learning the job, I'm making it up half the time. Lots of guessing going on. bossman is so wiped out right now that I don't think he knows what to tell me sometimes. So, hopefully it will get better once the load evens out.

He's also future-thinking. He asked me if we should rename the company today. He also wants me to look at the corp id stuff. I guess I'll do it when I get time. I also want to try and encourage him to take better care of his computers. But he wants me to understand the monster printer/copier/heater better, so I think its a trade off.

Workplace is located in his basement. I usually sit up in the sun for lunch just to take a break. I'm doing lots of production work, not so much design. I'd say 10% of what I'm doing right now could be considered design. But again that's because we are playing catch up. The money will get better for this same reason. I get a commission on stuff I design, I just haven't had a chance to do much of that yet. So we are pretty much poor until next year.

But the final conclusion is that I am just beat. This job is kicking my ass.

It was just a bit of shock after doing nothing for a month. I feel no guilt in saying I had a great time being at home fulltime. I never got bored. I was too busy. If I could afford it I would go back in a heart beat. My new goal. Where I hope to be in 10 years or what ever asinine interview question blah.

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