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quiet weekend update
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So I'm a lot happier. I started getting a lot happier on Friday when I was able to leave work before dark. (Ok, given, dark is at 5 pm at this point. Makes it sound a lot worse than it is.) Even though I was happy to see the weekend, I was also relieved that the pace at cp began to slow down and become more realistic. What was also happy is that bossman gave me more information about what his plans were for the future. I got immediate "next week" type deadlines, as well as "by March I want to be here" kind of forcasting. The whole thing really made me feel like he had thought about what he was doing. I was also able to bring up a couple points at each milestone and he was willing to listen to them. We might not do all the things I suggest, but that he was willing to listen was great.

Other than that we had a quiet weekend at home. Mostly getting ready for a rpg when yaga comes to visit on Turkey Day. Guru is set on cooking a full bird. To tell the truth, he usually does a great job. I'm going to do the stuffing and then I think we are going to both work on the pie.

Went to church this morning, then came back and made pancakes for lunch. (yum) I went out and picked up some more coffee and then did a bit of design work for work.

My dad has 40 hours left before he retires. They are planning on having an open house kind of deal to celebrate. He is so ready to go. Never one to be upstaged by anyone. :) Actually he is quite pleased with his replacement, very competent in his opinion. I'm hoping he finds himself as busy as I was when left to my own devices.

Well, much left to do today, but thought I'd give a positive report to balance the last negative one.

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