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I found today strangely satisfying. I find great satisfaction in finishing. The flyer (really a wrapper or mailer) is finished...well finished enough. Bossman will be able to run these tonight, and tomorrow the mail team will start putting them together. I feel bad for taking so long to complete it, but I think it looks good enough that the trade off was worth it. If I get my act together I might put it up on my portfolio. I will be missing out on some of the fun, since I will be in late tomorrow. Bossman's wife backed her SUV into das bettymobile yesterday. She was totally going 5 miles an hour or less. Minimal damage, other than probably a bit of wounded pride. I told both of them its my favorite kind of accident -- one i'm not present for. I'm just chalking it up as one more bonding experence, one of many more to come I'm sure. They seem to be an accident proned bunch.

I hope to some day write again. I was reading through
some lj today and it made me want to get back to araahp. Ah well, maybe when I'm not so sleepy. It's weird. I've mapped out the next 3 chapters and have no urge to write them. I was doing better when I was flying blind through all the nastiness of getting characters to talk with npcs. Part of that is because I'll be tackling a fight scene in the next few chapters. Eek. That's all I have to say. I'm shying away from it a bit. Must be brave.

Other than that, posted a couple of interesting links over at del.icio.us for anyone interested. I'll be posting my links there now. Scary local robbery, even more so since its was well thought out, intersting article on AIDS in Africa that I wonder what ginmar would think about and a very very scary Fundie site.

I've also been going around the mullberry bush with mj about zuma. BTW - Zuma has still not been ported to Mac. Be forewarned. Do not believe JR's description. I bought it slapped it in, and it did nothing. I'm putting off returning it though. Guru and I fired up an old 98 box and it seems to be working relatively well, if you don't mind the fan being louder than our central air. Or cars driving by. Curse you Windozes!

*Shakes fist*

But I'm winning... :D

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