the methods and means of procrastination

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Ok, this is like one of the coolest google graphics EVAR.

Happy new year everyone! 2005 started 2 hours before hand for most of the people we know (except for a few out on the west coast and other various places) than for us last night. It was very odd to see the ball drop in New York 2 hours after it had already happened. It dropped quietly here, since we decide to stay in. Nor was it cool that it was 2 am in the morning for most of our friends when it was finally the new year for us. But know that we were thinking of you all, even if you haven't heard from us since before christmas.

I got off a bit early yesterday, made a quick trip to the bank and the store and then headed home to hang out with guru since he had the day off. I found I didn't know what to do with myself. So I puttered, worked on my new knitting project (green scarf for guru:btw - i am taking requests if anyone would like a handknitted scarf or hat) and cranked out a new chapter. Again, I try to get my characters out of the room and it takes me three chapters. *sigh*

Christmas was good, but now my weekends are all disorganized. Don't know if I'm coming or going. And I'm going again for my family christmas next week. I realized to day I'm short a few gifts, so I will have to go and hit the stores Monday prob. I'm not in a big rush to get the holiday over as I have been other years, but I don't have a big shedding tree to deal with either.

I also realized we have been here now 3 and some months. I actually started to think about what happens in September. If they will raise our rent or if we are going to relocate of our own accord. I really dislike this whole year lease thing. What a pain.

I also want to get a dog. Again. Some more. We've really enjoyed having a rumba (used) but sometimes it has the same meandering as a small dog will, like all of a sudden the vertical blinds will rattle as something bumps against the glass door, like it is looking outside. Guru thinks we should add a small dune figure to ride it like a sandworm. I think this is a great use of crazy glue. :)

Anyway, I think we are going to watch some more space today, our new addiction, and then maybe try and give folks a call before the sun goes down. Happy New Year to you all!

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