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So Far. So Good.
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Today I broke down and did something that I never thought I would do: I installed quark and photoshop onto my laptop. The whole time the install was running, I felt like I was breaking a law. Big programs need to be on Big Computers. Right?! Everything seems to be running ok though. No strange, obtuse error msgs. No crashing. (knock on wood) So Far. So Good.

I did this because I'm more comfortable on my laptop, and because I have 3 weeks to design my hands off to fill up the catalog at work. I'm about to start doing a couple of late nighters to try and crank some new cards out. I've been working more to stablize our order process than to be very creative. Sometimes that's easier for me. I get something like stage fright about projects if I'm not careful. It's different than writer's block though. Once I sit down to grapple I can usually find a solution, not always eligent, but good enough for who its for. Hardest part is getting myself to sit down to the problem.

Tonight's design time was dedicated to wrapping up our long awaited prayer letter. Probably clean up some wording but then it's out the door. (hurrah!)

Got most of christmas stuff away this weekend. Just in time for the crappy dishwasher to stop working again. What better argument for buying a house other than your appliances are your own. They may not work, but they are yours!

Ok, off to bed.

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