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10 minutes of loki
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I will talk to others and make friends.

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Ok so I've gotten out of the habit of posting. I think I left it on perrysville somewhere with my left over milk crates. So I will now attempt to talk to you people for 10 minutes. I never know what to tell you because so much has changes and yet so much of it stays the same. I'm excited about writing. I'm not playing viola at all. I'm kind of ashamed about it, but not enough to pick it up and start practicing again. I want to say a big THANK YOU WORLD here so I can stop feeling lazy for not doing any thank you notes since november. I'm trying not to drink the cup of cold coffee sitting beside me, but will probably fail.

(there I go. Drank coffee at 10 at night)

I've got some kind of bug that makes me really sleepy. I'm not sure what I should censure from this. I think I might be in a funk again. Mainly because I keep deleting updates. (5 more minutes) Thus the exercise.

I posted on lj today, but I don't feel like anyone will read it over there. I think it was a mistake to split my personality between journals. Frankly, I use lj more to stalk my friends and strangers than actually communicate through it. It kind of feels like walmart of journals on line. Ya to people who actually have something to say in their words.

I thought it would be kind of fun if I could ever get my parents to sit down to a game of dnd. It will never happen, but I think they both could really be fun players. I don't know why I'm so protective of so much information in my life. I guess I'm a private person when it comes down to it. I never would have thought that about myself.

Anyway, I worked today, struggling through the day since I missed a few hours yesterday. I'm short on hours again. Must start moving faster on mondays.

Didn't do curves tonight in hopes that this silly cold will go away. Spent my morning drive talking to myself about what I'm actually doing with each of my characters. Who am I villifying and why? Whose my cassandra? my loki? Funny how I come back to myths to talk about this stuff. I am actually trying to do something with that exercise. I'm trying to intuitively write myself into a corner. (1 minute) So far I haven't. I am mightly amused to wake up with the solution to situation I'd developed the night before.


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