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10 minutes about gloves
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I wanted to write last night but was just too tired. I've been critical a lot lately of exactly how critical I am of myself. There are just some times when the red pen needs to be wrested from my hand. Enough. Good Enough. Stop Picking.

So, today was a lot of frustration, but not stuff I had not seen before or was surprise to find. I'm now finding myself going through the motions of a snit. Snit without soul as it were. It all (the snit and the fustration) seems like a lot of wasted time to me, but like Law and Order, I'll just keep watching it until the next commercial.

I find the beach boys distracting tonight. I try to write and I can only tape along to their sonorous melodies. I don't even know them. :( BE GONE BEACH BOYZ. *sigh* I'm kind of punchy tired right now. The cold has changed. for good or for bad I don't know, but it's now different.

Had a good discussion this morning with guru about simulationist game play vs. dm play. The whole thing makes me want to find someone to run a decent narrative game to see what its like. I am kind of leery of the whole narrative label, because it can get so silly so quickly. I'm trying to hold judgement until I can get more information.

In other news our old lurking place has asked for an article about us for the newsletter. I'm passing the buck a bit, and seeing if guru will write it. I don't really have any good reason, other than I'm still procrastinating about my jan. prayer letter mailing to all of y'all who are not supporters yet. Maybe I'll try and get that wrapped up this weekend.

I've got a trade show for Realtors coming up in the beginning of march at work. I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing, but I think I will either be a barker or a mime. I don't know what to expect other than to be exhausted by the end of the day. Well, it will be interesting anyway.

(1 minute)

Thanks to the wetzel who was lurking yesterday. The whole multiple journals started as a test drive kind of thing for me. I find it kind of frustrating that I have 3 friends at journalscape, about 5 live journal folks, 1 or 2 at blogger and then the folks over at xanga. Why can't we all just get along?! :D

Ah well, guess I'll just have to do some lurking of my own.

I did want to write. I do want to write. I just found I was deleting 3 words for every 5 words I would write. The critical mode had been left on and unattended.



I actually forgot to mention that I finished the scarf for guru (green and gray) and have started a set of half gloves for him. Well, I'm doing them more as a challenge than to keep his hands warm. I laugh at myself so much about this because it was second nature to just start knitting without a pattern, making the gloves up as I go along, with only rudimentary planning from a failed set of gloves I made back in college. BWAHAHAH!

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