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So a friend of mine asked me to do some cover art for a book that would be available through one of those print-on-demand sites. It's been a couple of months now, I'd say I'm out of ideas for it, except that I haven't had any ideas to start with. I am of the mind that it might be worth it just to start slapping stuff together just to get the ball rolling. Applogies that it hasn't happen sooner. Maybe after the trade show...

The trade show is this wednesday. Not sure how that is going to go, but I'll be glad when it is over, none the less. I'd feel better about it if the software wasn't acting up or we weren't already swamped with orders at the moment. This week was insane for paper problems and printer errors. One right after another too. Foo.

For the first time in a week my throat doesn't hurt and I'm not exhausted when I wake up. It's a fine fine feeling. Hope to get back to all the things i've left undone now that I can function closer to normal. This means going back to curves monday, and hopefully doing a lot of correspondence. I also hope it means I might write another chapter, or at least clean up whats there. [I have one exchanges that needs to be adjusted. What is happening and what the characters are emoting isn't lining up precisely.] Boy, maybe even try to play a game while I'm at it.

This weekend has been very slow, including not waking up in time for any of the usual church services we attend on sundays. So it looks like our options tonight are western orthodox, anglican, nondenominational, or scum. Hopefully this is the last of the sickness so we can get back to our regular practices, even if we end up attending some of these communities regularly. So much for the plan to double up on sundays to visit the last of our brethern before committing to one place.

Most of yesterday I spent on the couch knitting and doing a movie marathon which included Apollo 13, Chill Factor, Princess Bride, and the second disk of the Avengers (63), or about 9 hours of film. I finished one of the gloves and started the next one. I feel much more recooped by taking the day off. Oh, and somewhere in there I made tacos.

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