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hum-de-dum weekend plans
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So I've become an official co resident now. My dr lis. showed up yesterday. I don't know how wise that was, but at least it will keep the scary arrest warrants at bay. I'm sure PA doesn't do that to people...unless the city clerk is feeling snarky. Better safe than sorry.

Spent some time this morning updating journals and websites. I've become really lax in keeping up with my proffessional e-life. :) Hope to correct that as soon as possible.

The rest of today though, I plan to try a new recipe, play a new game this evening after I run around in a circle. That has actually been going well, I'm still the top loser taking the challenge and I'm down about 5 inches and 17 lbs. Two more weeks to go before I'm on my own. We'll see how things go after this.

Netflix has conspired to send me all of my dvd's after 5pm today, so I think I might take the free time to pick up the house some. It currently looks like a filing cabinet exploded in the backroom as I've had to go paper-spilunking into the back annuals of our financial existance. Our taxes will be tricky this year because of the move and because of what we had to do to finance the move. Pity our poor poor accountant.

I've been doing some clean up on Rock, so Work is Getting Done but I'm just not making any forward progress. For what its worth, you all are now getting to the chapters that I had a lot of fun writing last year. The whole things needs some serious continuity overhaul, but over all it was a lot of fun to write. There are 3 to 4 more chapters to go before I get you to the end of book/phase 1. Then its wide open what will happen.

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