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So I wanted to add a correlary or whatever from earlier: this is when I start getting in to trouble when I'm on a diet plan. Playing my administrative twittiness to the hilt, I start planning. Planning how much I could possibly lose based on 1 month's worth of data (administrative twittiness AND my addiction to spreadsheets.) Basically setting myself up for failure because if you've ever dieted, you know your body never does what you expect it to. Bodies are anti-intuiative or Intuitives are anti-body, I can't decide. The result is I am often flying blind when trying to make a healthy eating decisions. Thank goodness there are people who don't think like me who can figure all this stuff out and write it down in a book. I've only succeed so far because I throw my judgement to the wind and eat what the book says.

So I appreciate all the support I've been getting at the sect that I've joined, but I can't shake the feeling that some of the women there might not like me much because of the bragging other people are doing about my weight loss. It doesn't happen too often, but I keep catching people looking at me and then looking away. Maybe I'm being paranoid...or I look extra-specially goofy on the machines.

So against my better judgement, here is the "plan" for 2005. I really really doubt this will happen, but if I write it down, I might be able to exercise it from my brain.(excuse the pun)
To Date: 17.7 lbs
*MeasurementAdditional lb/% to looseTimeframeAproxmiate Date
1st goalComplete challengen/a0.5 mthsApril 2005
2nd goal***20.3lbs2.54 mthsJuly 2005
3rd goal30.00% body fat9.90%3.96 mthsAug 2005
4th goal***44.3lbs5.54 mthsOct 2005
Final goal***59.3lbs7.41 mthsDec 2005

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