the methods and means of procrastination

to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus in yarn.
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Well, I'm feeling a bit fustrated, but that is actually being canceled out by a big wave of sloth. I would say lazy, but I have the urge to be busy, just not at anything productive. (must be time to journal...) I've kind of got the "every weeks's the same" blahs. I'm due for some crazy hairbrain sceme I'm sure. Maintance still hasn't fixed our 2nd BA since our upstairs neighbor decided to run a bath Monday and then totally forgot about it. Biggest snow storm we've had here since we moved, and then we have water pouring from the light fixture. *EEK* She seems like a really nice lady. I almost want to take some cookies up to her to laugh over how unimportant all our crap is. Seriously. I honestly don't care about the files that got soaked since I was using that bathroom as a storage closet. I had more of a feeling of: "Phew. Now I know what happens to them. How they come to their demise." [Actually, most of them survived.]

I spend so much of my time creating and being creative these days that I REALLY REALLY Like a good spat of random destruction, especially of infinitesimal things. It's even better if I get to be an unknowing agent of destruction, ie. clumsy. No Really. Why are you laughing?

Watched stepford wives this evening. I'd give it a "meh" with 2 "eh's". Boy that could have been funnier. But, there were some gems. My favorite quote: I for one want to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus with yarn. Hee. Of course I don't usually watch that much comedy for some reason. I've got some oldies and favorites, but I'm much more likely to watch a drama or an action flick.

While I was watching it, I happen to catch a trailer for the Kingdom of Heaven film that is up coming. Oh, I'll see it, but boy is this some one's idea of a)badly timed propaganda or b)cashing in on badly timed propaganda. Yeah, lets do a movie about the Crusades. Let's make them tragic heros. I'm sure Al-Jazeera will love that. Bady Hollywood Producers. No Bone. Drop it.


I just keep wondering when we are ever going to get back to trying to solve problems instead of tryign to create spin.

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