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Well, I didn't mean to wander off so far from journalling. Most of the time I'm too busy or too bored to explain what is going on, but today I have a day off so I can give you a brief run down on what's been going on.

First, I've become completely addicted to the java version of Settlers of Catan. I still lose more often than not, but I keep playing. I'm tempted to buy the board version, but will wait until there is the possibility of people to play with.

Secondly, I've done pretty good with the challenge and wt thing. I'm now in the great "who cares" lull. I'm going along with new eating habits, but I'm not anchored into any kind of plan, so small things (or a big crisis) derail me. Had my first "carb" hangover yesterday. Apparently since your body processes sugar like alcohol, you can actually give yourself a hangover if you over do with the carbs. But damn, that chocolate malt was worth it. :) I am still hanging on to my new clothing size. My current goal is to cook nutritious meals for my grandmother AND stay on plan.

Which brings me to my third update, I'm off to fl again this week to cook for nana and take care of the dog. Some of you know the rest of that story, but if not, email me to learn more. I'm taking the entire first season of Angel with me as something to watch to give you some kind of idea of how long I plan to be down there. Thus the day off to get a few things done before I leave.

Haven't written or drawn in quite a while. I have designed a lot of work related stuff, which will hopefully be bought by everybody so i can make some comission. :) I did practice a bit of viola the other night, but I'm sort of holding off until my new sheet music comes. I've gotten completely out of the habit of checking in with other's journals, so appologies if I've missed anything important in your lives.

We've visited a few more churches. I think there are only 2 or 3 more that I'd like to see before we settle on a final place. We have about 5 in the running. More on that later.

So yeah, things are as they should be, God is in his heaven, and all is right with the world.

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