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Gah? what time zone am I in?

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Well that was an adventure. I just finished up the longest stint in FL I'ved had since my freshman year of college. (over 10 years ago) It was odd, because my days were filled with much the same activity I had during that long summer of 1993. When I left, it was winter in CO, now the pool is open and there is no snow in sight. My house is awash in (albeit clean) laundry and the dishwasher is in desparate need of washing. I sent guru on with the car this morning to give me a bit of time to regroup and acclimate back to being an independent, 30 something instead of a live at home daughter.

For the first time, I actually began to see the value of living close to my family. Not that I didn't value them before, but being in FL for 2 weeks allowed me to step beyond "visiting" to becoming part of the structure and pattern that is my family now. You can't go home again, but I don't really want to recapture what has been. Family visits should be about the shape of family as it is now. I am very much for enjoying what it has to offer. Of course old annoyances were popping up too but I could see where it wouldn't be earth shattering to be close to family. Close enough, anyway. Something to think about in the future.

My dad's surgery went well, though they only did one side. [Deep Brain Stimulation for Essential Tremor] He will probably get the other side done later in the year. He's doing really well. He was looking much more bright-eyed when I left. Nana was doing well too, and I was able to cook for them at least a little bit. I was glad guru was able to come down for memorial weekend, though it was a bit jarring to be in the household, then next to the household at a hotel.

It was also great to have a dog again. I realized around the 8th day of my visit, that the only reason I don't have a dog now (other than expense and scheduling) is because of guru's preference for a large dog. If I nullify that prerequisite, I could have a small dog now in our tiny apartment instead of having to delay getting one until we have a large yard. It's not like he would hate a dog. It's only a preference, especially if I was the main care taker. Dangerous realization. This is how I ended up with a fish.

I was gone so long that a fine sheen of dust had formed on my laptop. Watched WAY TOO MUCH home improvement TV while I was there. We also ran away and watch SWIII:RoS. Not bad. I only say that in comparison to II.

Decide to not go to work today, though we got back early enough I could have. I'm feeling a bit like I might implode from lack of external pressure. Gah? Blah. Meh. I think curling up with a good book and some chocolate is in order. Yay Me Day!

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