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So not awake yet.

Started a 2nd challenge with curves this week. So far so good, which surprised me. I thought it would be completely useless the second time around. So, 6 weeks of no carb fun. Woot. Fortunately, in-laws will not appear out from the ether until after the really restrictive portion of the diet.

I'm having trouble getting up enough energy to talk to anyone more than necessary. I feel kind of bad about it since that includes my family right now, including guru. Just don't feel like using my mouth or brain. Fortunately there are no plans for this weekend. If we can scrub the house, than I pretty much don't care what we do. Actually, we were talking about going and walking some trails behind guru's office, in our search for closer accomodations to his work. I certianly don't want to move again so soon, but for $200 cheaper rent, I have to think about it.

Work and play continues. Work has been fun, my first full week back. I'm still struggling with a "design projects are hurdles" mentalitiy the first time I hear about them, but I'm getting over those hurdles, which is what matters. It's nice to be back.

I feel kind of like a dork, but a grateful dork to chesh for putting all my old video work on dvd. All I can say in my defense is I was being graded on the projects. :)

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