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deceptive sprinklers
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The sprinklers are deceptive here. I walk along the pavement and I swear I smell a fresh rain. But no, it's just some apt complex watering their lawn, the better to keep their residents and attract new ones. It's just the mite bit depressing. I started driving around without refilling my windshield wiper fluid reservoir because it kept evaporating faster than I could use it. When it does rain here, often my car ends up being dustier then when it started. The ac often doesn't catch up with the temp. outside. But I've found NPR and the station isn't taken over by lite jazz overwhelmingly as it was in pgh, so that has been cool.

I've been using my library card some more. I've finished a new set of books. I read for July:

A Thread of Grace ****+
Ode to a Banker **+++
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ***++
Angelica **+++

Thread of Grace is an excellent book. I highly recommend all the books (sadly only 3) written by Mary Doria Russell expecially The Sparrow. This one's more of a historical fiction, but a great read. Word of warning, she doesn't flinch from tell you everything. Violent things are portrayed so. Be For Warned.

The rest were so so. Harry Potter was Harry Potter. Sharon Shinn was Sharon Shinn. The Davis book was a real stinker. I really liked the previous one better. Less abrupt. Didn't stop me from reading the final 3 chapters over coffee the day it was due, since I was unable to renew it. Must finish murder mystery.

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