the methods and means of procrastination

i'm guarding the houuuusee....
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This has been a crappie day. It's been one of those days where if Jesus himself burst through my living room wall like the Hawaiian Punch guy, I would not be surprised, and probably a little put out. The mistake was that I left the windows open last night. What started out as a nice cool evening (for once) turned into a big old- ratt-ily storm, banging our blinds a lot a generally raining. The back of the house is so much louder because we have the main entrance/exit to the back parking lot below us. And apparently we have people coming and going at any given time of night. All of which I wake up to hear them gun their engines pass my window, or catch an odd strain of spanish dance music at 2 am in the morning. Or yelling. Or walking the wasted individual back to their car so they can drive home. Or consoling the ex-girlfriend as she came to collect her stuff. What Not.

Anyway, it rained. I awoke. I found guru hunting up a bucket to put under the leak. Yes, the leak. The leak coming from the porch. The porch we asked The Management (tm) to fix when we moved in. In 2004. Grr. So, it's now worse. Which is fine. But see how fast I'm jumping to renew my lease.

After waiting for 2.5 hours I finally went into work late, wrote some outdated and misspelled html then rush home. In time to do nothing. No laundry (still sprinkling) No shopping. (too lazy) Now me, my bucket, and my furniture are relocated to other parts of the house. The porch's ceiling is now a friendly round shape, and there are only 2 new stained, bulgey wet places on the ceiling of the front room. Now we wait to see if the ceiling or the management buckle first.

I'm in that odd place between frustration because of too much to do and too little motivation to do it. Me Stuck Limbo.


I just realized I am probably 3 steps away from becoming a hermit. Hadn't realized the edge had snuck up on me so quickly. Me Not Talking To You.

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