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pettiness report
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So I find that everything I've been saying and doing for the last few days is just so petty. I mean really. What do I have to worry about?

But I'm not sure how not to be petty. I've donated to the Red Cross now I feel I should just get the heck out of the way and let the professionals do their job. I always feel that if someone is better equipped or qualified, you should just let them do their thing. Electricians and plumbers included.

It's been awful watching the news. I don't think I realized how bad things were when I was on the phone with my folks the day after katrina hit. They are fine. That was really my priority. Please don't let it hit pns again so soon after ivan. So soon after dennis. When they still have people living out of cars because they are flooded out of their homes. I don't think anyone really realized how bad this was going to get until it was too late.

Anyway back to the pettiness report:

Caesar IV

They are releasing a new caesar game, one of the most enjoyable city building games I've played, but the company is not porting it to mac. Booo. How much is it to buy a usable pc these days?

Meats of Evil
Though the date on the package said oct whatever, I got a bad package of ham at the supermarket thursday. Spent most of Friday green at the gills -- enough so to call off work. I now fear my meat drawer and feel the need to perform an exorcism on it so that my meat will be untainted.

lawyers, guns and money
Signed the lease so we will be staying where we are for another year. This happened after a bit of rangling with the owners to get the same rent we got last year. though I still haven't seen a signed copy of our lease yet. duplicates don't seem to be part of the regular policy anymore. You have to ask for a copy special. As long as we don't have to move, is all I say.

That's it for now. Gearing up for a quiet labor day and hopefully a key lime pie or jelly roll for the birthday boy.

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