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fall colors; pittsburgh plans
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Had a very good fall october weekend. All the snow melted off by wednesday, so the trees could finish turning. Ok, mostly they are only turning yellow, but it is a color other than green.

We got digital cable last weekend, for all the good it will do us. Paul has been pleased because it means he can watched hockey hockey and more hockey. I'm having fun with the DVR. Very good rental investment.

I went on a ticket buying spree saturday, so now we are all set for Christmas in Mich. Still have to get the tickets for FL, but we've at least set a date. I just closed my eyes and bought, ignoring the price tag. It's not like I can argue with the airlines about it. I'm tempted to bring Catan and see if anyone would be interested in playing. Not that here is much time while we are there. Maybe just dominos then.

It also looks like we will be in Pit around the end of July next year. I haven't gotten our tickets yet, but its high time we did a proper visit, so if you'd like to meet/greet or host us, please ping me between now and, you know next February and I'll get you on our itinerary. I feel mildy silly that we haven't gotten back there since we left.

This weekend was a quiet, lovely, bookish weekend, with smatterings of beer and tv thrown in for good measure. I leave for FL soon, for the second proceedure for my dad (his left side this time) All seems well on that front, though he might have some other health issues that are popping up last minute. Wouldn't stop the procedure, but might lead to added bonus fun with doctors later on in the year. If you pray, please consider lifting him and my mom and grandmother up in prayer this next week.

We visited a western-rite orthodox church this week. As far as I can tell, this is an 1929 prayer book anglican style worship that has broken off from the episcopal church, hopped over Rome, and joined the Eastern patriarchs. It was the most similar service to Grace that we've seen since we've been here. To add to the strangely familiar, they were in the middle of having the roof redone so there were no pews, and actually about a foot of space between the roof and the walls, covered up in plastic. But they used the same incense as Grace...it was just crazy familiar. I'm glad they weren't nutz.

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