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I've developed a taste for NPR in the mornings, so I know about things like New Jersey having the highest property taxes in the US and that the Library of Congress is sending out two recording trailers across the country to record stories of America for posterity. It sounds like a cool project. You bring your interview with you. (StoryCorps Project) But, I only listen to it really while driving, so I've been out of the loop since Friday.

I ended staying up late Sat. night watching the first season of Rome which has left me feeling kind of anti-social and sleepy today. (from staying up not from the show) I think it led to a case of bad shopping m0j0 today. Came back completely empty handed. Denver tends to shut down around 6pm. But I just wasn't finding what I was looking for.

I'm still sitting on a big chunk of writer's block. Thus the month of silence here. I'm getting challanged about that at work as I've been asked to triple the number of designs I have on hand, so to populate a new market we are going after. I'm kind of bummed because a coworker is going to be leaving in Jan. Not sure how that will all work out.

Things I don't want to talk about:

1. My parents' dog.
2. My right ear.
3. Long term plans.

Things that get swept up in the mess:
1. A thank you note.
2. New glasses.
3. World domination. (otherwise known as the bleach tub)

I've been knitting more. This often happens at the beginning of a sports season. Guru watches a lot of hockey and football, so I've finished a pair of gloves and started and stopped a present for a family member. I need to back up on that project and start over, but first I must purchase yarn. Then I have a sweater project that I need to get larger needles for and even possibly read the pattern on, but that is quite in the future.

I've been reading Pratchett backwards, or at least the guards story lines backwards just for the heck of it. I also was able to read Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister while I was in FL. I kind of liked it. That it was set in Holland was a big factor. I think I'm actually going to give Wicked a try soon.

Besides Rome, we recently watched a very good series called Off to War which follows members of an Arkansas national guard unit (and their families back home) as they are called up and ship out. It's very easy to get caught up in these people's lives. I'd highly recommend it as a documentary on the war in Iraq because it straight from the horses mouth.

Well, goodnight all. The Great thanksgiving turkey lurches ever nearer.

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