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crazy rating 67.2
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A lot of crazy points today at work. What are crazy points? Your crazy rating according to cat (CRAC) is a complicated mathmatical equation that I pull out of the air that averages:
A. your project (otherwise known as 20 questions)
B. your plan or strategy (other than random or hodge-podge)
C. what your actually asking (are you spekaing the english?)
D. how well you use a computer (can anyone find their C: drive?)
E. how soon you need the project (today is not the right answer)
F. if you want it with sprinkles. (sprinkles being NON EXISTENT in printing, similar to elephants or giraffes )

SUM(A-F)/2 minutes of suppressed rage= Crazy Rating

That is your crazy rating. I have threatened to plot the crazy ratings of some of our top ten offenders on a "crazy - rational"; "organized - disorganized" axis. See, you can have really organized nutters and you can have very disorganized sane people. It all looks pretty much the same.

I bring this up so you can understand what I mean when I say I got 3 of our top CRAC clients today all viaing for design time within 20 minutes of each other. It was one of those days.

Glad to be home.

With that being said, I did accomplish something other than work today. I just bought one skein of yarn from the wilds of NY since no one stocks that particular color here. I'm running out of time to knit, so It called for drastic measures.

And I'm done being silly. I'm going to have my ear looked at after thanksgiving. To a doctor even.

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