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So this is the weekend. The big push. Must wrap up this stuff tomorrow. Malls, Ho!

So how sad is this? I'm looking up shoe stores in pgh and pns to figure out their names. I always just went there. I don't remember what they are called. Thank God for Google.

I need boots. That is the one thing I'm absolutely sure about after this week of really fricking cold weather: I need something waterproof and warm and at least ankle high. Now.

Likely canidates: SS, FF, DHW

The Tree
How much christmas to let in...always the question. Is it important to deck the halls. No. Is it important to send christmas cards. Yes. I'm toying with the idea of getting a small (3-4') pre lit fake tree since we have regularly been out of town for the holidays for the last 4 years. It makes me think that we will not be home for christmas, ya know? So get a small, pre lit tree would mean we could at least put out our ornaments, and possibly exchange gifts in a un-half-assed manner. How important is it to have a tree? How much christmas to let in?

Likely canidates: ??? I don't know.Who sells fake trees?

So one of the side effects of being a missionary is that our card list has doubled over night. I'm now looking at 40 extra people who should get a card this year. The bigger issue is that I work for a printing company. I should design my own card and run it with them. It would be cheaper than buying something inane. Not taking this opportunity is driving me nuts. But the clock is running down. If I don't pull it together in the next weekend, then I'm going to have to go out and buy them.

Likely canidates: P

I've got some gifts already. Not really sure what else that I need to get. I'm sure I need to buy something. I just don't have enough presence of mind to remember what it is. Maybe I have the gifts already. Maybe we aren't really here.

Like candidates: LNT, P1, where ever the wind takes me.

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