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You know its times of desperation when I start browsing through the apple store looking at displays. We've got a patchwork apple g4 which I want to start using as a design box again, but before that happens:
  1. We musts get a new monitor. Even guru has trouble looking at it for long.
  2. Once that is in place, we need to figure out how to get it to upgrade to 10.4. It currently says there is an third party hard drive in there, so we need to
  3. Back up the stuff that is on there now. Since one of its previous incarnations was as a file server, that is a lot of stuff. So, saying we figure out how to back up whatever, and we pull the third party hard drive, then we need to
  4. confirm that the adobe products I have will work with 10.4. Or maybe I should upgrade those too. I haven't looked at prices, but I assume CS is about as expensive as the display.

I can get along with my laptop just fine, except that Illustrator just doesn't work on it. This morning, it wouldn't even open. Since its kind of a secondary product for me, its not a major show stopper, but times like this it would be nice to be able to use it. I have a clever idea for the christmas cards if I could just get illustator to work.

[edit: i but I could also use a standard usb flat screen too.. any suggestions?]

Anywho, I went dress shopping last night while the weather was holding. I could have spent a lot more money, but I found a nice dinner dress for about 50% off at dillard's. I forgot how nice their selection is and how expensive everything is. I've got the christmas party thing this weekend for cp, and I haven't had a nice outfit oh...since 2000 maybe? Usually I am wearing black with the occational gold, red or green, because there were christmas concerts to play in.

This year I'm once again on hiatus from music. I am going to hang out with my j sometime this weekend or next week and we will play some things, but it isn't as much fun or as much time consumed as being in a real ensemble. The ears ringing thing is also kind of a worry for me. What if I really can't hear pitch anymore? That would make me a really crappy stand partner. I hope to find out more in Jan. on the ear front, which was the soonest I could get an appointment with a specialist. There could be so many reasons why my ears are ringing I don't know where to begin to address the situation. So for now I'm just sticking wiht duets and hope it can be sorted out later.

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