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Odd British TV of my Youth
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I don't always remember I existed before 16. I know that stuff happened but day to day, I really don't dwell on it. Until I run into something like this - face to face with old childhood classic tv.

Before there was Monty Python or Star Trek,TNG, or even the BBC, there was THAMES.

These programs are what made Monty Python a natural transition and Doctor Who more of an odd uncle. It broke me into BBC CHEAP SPECIAL EFFECTS and got me hooked for good on the odd, paranormal meladrama of the typical science fiction. It also bit me with the ghost story bug.

To Odd British TV of my Youth. Cheers.
The Third Eye

The most memorable one for me was The Children of the Stones This one gave me the willies. Never really walked by a stone at night without believing it might be in some way alive. I think I just got confused about what was going on, but it was creepy anyway.
(This series also included: The Haunting of Cassie Palmer, Under the Mountain, Into the Labrinth)

Danger Mouse
Totally opened the door for me later for Monty Python and Black Adder. I can still hear the theme song in my head.

The Tomorrow People This is the one that I want Dr. Who to be like. I am kind of excited because they have just been released on DVD. I know they will never live up to my memory, but I've got them in my queue anyway. I totally wanted an underground lair after watching these. I also wanted a teleport belt.

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