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bad habits and birthday
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bad habits when driving:
  1. when driving I
    a. sing like a fiend and
    b. turn down the radio when I come to a stop light so people don't think I'm a total freak.
  2. I catch myself evaluating the logo design of any contactor type truck in front of me because
    a. they are the worse offenders of "oh I can design it myself" and
    b. because I can't help myself.
  3. Touch my compass to confirm it has not come unstuck from the windshield at least once a trip.
  4. I refuse to drive anywhere if it is not on my route even if it is 2 blocks off course.
  5. Ironically, I will stop at random unplanned places if they *are* on my route but I have no reason to go there.
  6. I rush everywhere but dottle when leaving anywhere.
With a gaming event on the horizon, I began to realize that I seem to always try to play characthers that seem to need to have conflict in them. I'm utterly bored with any thing I play that is not somehow massively f-uped. It's been soo long since I came up with any kind of chacater idea. How to avoid boring half-elf thief. unassuming. small, not even really that sneaking. Just a vehicle to let me roll dice. I better look at the book again. My favorite characters were ones I wasn't allowed to play again.

Birthday was like christmas this year. I went on a mini spending spree, spending way way too much. But I got so many cool toys:
  1. ipod shuffle - it is the coolest thing. It's like a lego thumb drive that plays music. Perfect for the car or shuffling files between work and home. I can be as obsessive about my music as I want to be. $$$
  2. airport extreme card - really a present from guru, look ma no wires! So far I've written this entry from three different places!!!$$
  3. #7 jeresy - As I promised during the superbowl, I finally got a pittsburgh jersey, though they were out of no. 86 :( $$
  4. pens shirt - a little something to wear when the pen's play. no sweatshirts though. $
  5. coat - cause I need another coat...honest! It was on sale! $$
  6. earring - 1 and 2, after more research I've hopefully got something to use that will actually fit my ear. One of these will hopefully work. $
  7. bodybutter - this stuff is fabulous. My toes feel wonderful. Too bad it is costly. $$

In the meantime I also got birhday gifts for most of my april friends/family. ($$$)

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