the methods and means of procrastination

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gah. updating. feh. um so yeah. its been a while.

Lots has been going on --but nothing I really feel like talking about out loud.

recent to not so recent news:
  1. getting rid of digital tv and *sob* the dvr. *sigh*. We just can't swing the payments for something as time consuming and retarded as dr. phil and most haunted. All things good comes to those with netflix. good by dvr, we will miss u.
  2. tinnitius (which I think would make a cool disadvantage/flaw for a character) is a)better but b)not gone. Think we've reached a plateau and the pt concurs. One last little test to learn how to relax my muscles in my jaw and face and I'm on my own I think.
  3. lost my itunes library. teach me to keep it in a non-standard location! Currently rebuilding, finding and downloading music again. Biggest downer: lost a lot of my ratings and such from my library because I ended up loading them all in as new. stupid. do not do this.
  4. We're getting a new /old truck from guru's fam. Hope to drive it back in June. Yeah Road Trip! I'm looking forward to spend time with guru on the road.
  5. finally watch narnia. it has a big lion in it. and the beavers were ACTUAL beavers, I actually said "thank god" when I first saw they were cgi and not in fact bbc actors in full beaver suites. boo beavers
  6. travel is really damn expensive these days. who ever heard of paying $400 for a trip to florida in summer? wth? curse you airline companies!
  7. exercise is easier in the morning...the hardest part is getting there. 6am is a crappy time to be up, but at least I'm unaware of what I'm doing for most of it.
  8. went a bit over board with the book spending. I am no longer allowed in bookstores without escort (guru doesn't really count since he doesn't really stop me. final got a copy of the next glen cook, issola, going postal, and many other yummy purchase. I'm currently re-reading the truth to figure out why i didn't like it so much. *does this smell funny to you?*
  9. we went to pittsburgh. well. now were back. had a fab time. Much thanks to everyone for hosting/feeding us. We succeeded at eating a pipers but failed at lulu's, much to my shame. curse you oakland parking!

That's about it for now. off to bed so I can be a productive member of society. sorry for the crappy update.

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