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So I've held off updating until I could finish my current non-profit project. I just sent off the soon-to-be-final draft to her holliness and I am free to brag about how cool this journal is (and will be once its printed.)

Effloresce: volume 0 issue 1 summer 2006
Inside you will find poetry, artwork, sermons, and articles
to generate beauty, tension, and conversations.

I hope there's a lot of interest in it to help generate a next issue someday.

While getting that off to holly, I realized hoemke dot com is in complete disarray. It was originally going to be a space for guru to write and blog in, but that never really got off the ground. Guru is not as much of a communicator as he is a thinker. I mean, look at his last post about the episcopal church. Lots of big thoughts rolling around in that head of his. But - not many of them get out, or get out on a regular schedule. So, what seems natural to me usually turns out to be unnatural to him, especially when it comes to communication like thank you notes, prayer letters, phone calls, emails, well you get the idea.

So I'm thinking about co-oping the hoemke.com and move/set up a new portfolio and shut down pis-cis.net for good. I've been using pis-cis.net more as a warehouse of work a datebase of everything I've ever done. It probably would be better to limit what I show possible clients and use the site as a visual resume. I've been doing this type of work long enough, i no longer need to show the client everything I've done.

But that would also mean that I need to make a decision about what I'd want it to look like.

Also, shout out to my mom, who recently found this journal. *waves*
Maybe when she retires she can start her own journal. *hee hee hee*

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