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No "resolutions," no summations of 2005. (If you want to know what I did last year, read my journal.) Most of all, no "predictions" about 2006.

Why not? Because I am in Katrinaland and have not yet found the New Normal. My job went with the wind, at least for the spring. At the moment I am still stalled regarding other productive activities to replace the job. I have some ideas, but they are in the vague category. I did, however, e-mail the Newcomb women's center to offer myself as a volunteer one day a week. Of course, that is dependent on when I feel I can drive safely with the hip.

There's still a bunch of work to be done around the house and yard, including the pool, but that's mostly me arranging for people to do it. There's interior work I wanted to have done on the house, but I still have a functioning house interior and there are a lot of people who don't, and they deserve priority with workmen.

Is there an equivalent to "bah humbug" to counter Happy New Year?

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