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Out of the House!
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For the first time in a week I was out of my house, yard, and immediate neighborhood. YD called to see if I wanted to go to breakfast at IHOP. That was an easy one. After a leisurely breakfast we swung by the drugstore to pick up a prescription, and then back home. It was really good to get out.

The rest of the day was rather ordinary--a nap, then the discovery that the fridge was making strange noises. I shut it off for a bit and (at the moment) it is quiet again. It's probably almost 20 years old, but I hate to think of having to go shopping for one at this time when my outings are limited. The other "excitement" was getting the trash out of the house, into the barrel, and then the 150 feet to the side of the road. I'm glad I have a dolly for that.

Another thing OT didn't cover at the rehab unit was getting toenails cut without breaking the 90 degree rule. (The other thing was how to clean cat boxes with that restriction.) Next time a family member shows her face, I'll hand her the clippers. I'm reluctant to go to a foot salon (even if I was back to driving everywhere)--my toes are really ugly and I do NOT want them polished. I've also read warnings about being sure the equipment has been thoroughly sterilized to prevent the transmission of fungus. But that is relatively minor. Maybe I could train the cats to do this--they're always cleaning and semi-trimming THEIR nails.

So, another day has gone by in accordance with the title of this journal.

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