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Another I. U. Day
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Another incredibly unremarkable day. Ho Hum. I talked with UPS about getting my luggage back home from Nairobi. It will cost close to the amount it would cost to replace everything in it, although one cannot really replace dig-in-the-dirt slacks. Replacement slacks usually are new. And anyway I make all my slacks so that they fit me nicely.

Those conversations, along with calls to waste pickup numbers, took up most of the morning. In the afternoon I went out driving around my neighborhood again. I'm feeling more and more comfortable doing that and will soon venture into town, although I will use the less-travelled streets as much as possible. I think the main post office will be my next stop. It's not open, but it has a truck the size of an ice cream truck where they do simple stuff like sell stamps (is there anyone who DOESN'T need 2 cent stamps?) and mail simple stuff. I've got a couple of overseas letters to write and I'm not sure of the postage, even though I checked the USPS site.

In between actual activities I napped a bit and tried to "get into" Under God, a book written in 1990 by Gary Wills about religion and American politics. It looks like it will be interesting. As I read the introduction I realized that I had forgotten all sorts of things like who the candidates were for nomination back in 1988, and what issues dogged them. It's coming back, but slowly. I'm hoping I can get interested enough in it to finish it. The other books I've started recently haven't really "grabbed" me.

YD has announced her intention to drop some extra poundage in the coming months. She lost a bunch about five years ago, and I joined in that Dare, more or less. I guess I dropped a few pounds, but they didn't stay lost. However, in the past year I have gotten rid of twenty pounds and weigh less than I have in at least fifteen years. I'm hoping to repeat the loss this year and get below what I weighed at forty. We'll see what happens.

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