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I'm here at the computer--might as well do up a post.

The Home Health Care nurse came by this morning and looked at my incision. It is really ugly, but does seem to be healing and not getting infected or anything. My BP was a bit high, but then I had zero sleep last night. After she left the PT arrived, all ready to see how much he could get out of me exercise-wise. I am a very stubborn person and regard his "requests" as personal challenges. It was a good workout, as far as I was concerned.

I had zero sleep last night because I was hit by the local version of Montezuma's revenge. Not a good night, although since I was camped out in the "throne room" I took a book with me. I ended up reading about half of it. (I would rather have slept.) About 5 AM I was longing for the good old days when you could buy a bottle of paregoric just by signing a register. That always took care of the problem. Then I remembered that I HAVE a narcotic in the house--the pills for post-hip. I took half of one and either that took care of the problem or it had run its course. Nevertheless, I had no sleep at all.

I'm still feeling "pumped" after the PT workout and not ready for a nap I'm sure my body would welcome.

Later this afternoon I'll go driving the back roads of my neighborhood again. This time I'll zero the trip odometer and make sure I've gone the equivalent of a trip to the doctor's office. (I have an appointment next Monday.)

I certainly hope I sleep better tonight.

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