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Early to Rise
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That no-sleep night threw my barely-reestablished sleep pattern off again. I dozed off about 9 PM, woke about 2 AM, noticed that Court TV (which was on when I dozed off) has really interesting stuff in the middle of the night, watched that a bit, dozed off again, and then woke irrevocably about 4 AM.

What the heck--it's not as though I Have a Life. I can nap during the day. Today it will be somewhere in between the PT and a telephone appointment in the afternoon. Eventually I'll get back into a somewhat more "normal" sleep pattern. The cats are very adaptable and come to settle on me whenever they think I'm awake enough to pet them.

I also need to drive around the neighborhood some more today. I'll do that as soon as I'm sure all the little monsters have been eaten by those big yellow buses and the mommies who would rather use their own gas guzzlers to take their darlings to school have gotten out of the way. (If there was a bus available for my kids, they rode it--from first grade on.) I think the schools a mile down the next road start about 9 at the latest.

If the PT calls while I'm out driving I'll have my cell phone with me.

It's still too early to give rational thought to what household stuff needs taking care of today. Vacuuming is working its way to the top of the list, but then I consider "vacuum" to be a four-letter word, just like "clean."

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