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This morning after the PT left I got in the car to do another neighborhood tour. Well, I got to a street where turning right took me back home and turning left took me towards town. I was feeling great (no narcotic drugs in me) so I turned left. My goal was Walgreen's, where I buy some more of their brand of liquid-center Ibuprofen (it really does kick in quickly) and also look for a puzzle book and maybe a mind-candy other book.

Bingo on everything. The post-Katrina run on books has abated and their selection was meager but adequate. There was a Harry Turtledove alternate universe novel. It's a relatively short one, but at the moment that length appeals to me. I also found a puzzle book with not just crosswords but also a bunch of Anacrostics and Cross Sums. Plus the usual other stuff. I had no trouble pushing the basket with my left hand while using the right crutch. And it was SO nice to get out.

Depending on when the PT comes tomorrow, I may go to DMV to get the handicapped card so I can park a reasonable distance from the WalMart entrance. I'll take back roads to avoid stop and slow traffic where I am always shifting. But I really don't want to be caught in the noonish traffic so I'm hoping I'm at the top of the PT's list for tomorrow.

He had me using a cane some today. I'm really pleased at how quickly the left leg is getting its strength back. I single-crutch around the house, but use both when I'm walking on uneven terrain. Tomorrow I'll want to try that with the cane--and the PT.

But today's driving experience has left me absolutely ecstatic and no longer feeling trapped.

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