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DMV and Trees
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Yesterday I went to the local Motor Vehicle office to get a handicapped hang tag. I was prepared for a wait and had brought along something to read. I had not realized just how incredibly uncomfortable the seats are until yesterday. They just did NOT coordinate with my hip, and by the time I was almost done I was definitely feeling a great deal of "discomfort." The staff there was working efficiently, but since some local DMV offices got flooded etc. the ones that are undamaged have a heavy work load. The picture taken of me to go with the hang tag is probably the worst I have ever seen. I look like I'm hurting, and I was. This picture is even worse than the one that accompanied the Kenya visa application.

But the DMV has moved into the 21st century. Yesterday's long wait was more than cancelled out by the five minutes it just took me to renew the registrations on two cars. Yes--the miracle of internet and renewing online. I even have a printout that says I renewed, in case the mailing of the renewal stickers gets messed up somehow. (And, in post-K days, anything is possible.)

So I have forgiven DMV for the miserable seats. When I go to renew my driver's license in April or May I shall take along a cushion!

This afternoon the tree man and his wife came over to discuss phase two of the downed tree removal. My magnolia tree is going to have to go--it's leaning just a bit too much. It could be cabled, but the tree is between the power drop and the cable drop. It's tall, but in the 30 years I've lived here it may have produced half a dozen blooms. I'll replace it with another magnolia in a more suitable location. Probably half a dozen more trees have to come down because they are leaning dangerously. None of these trees contribute to shading the house. He's also going to grind up a couple of stumps and clear some stuff so the fences can be repaired. It will be good to have the damaged trees gone--my neighbor has had most of his removed and it makes things look more "normal."

The work will begin Monday and probably take a day and a half.

Monday will be a day when I meet myself coming and going. The tree man will arrive prrobably just as I leave for a dr. appointment. And then right after lunch I've got an appointment to get the rearview mirror replaced on my car. Somewhere in there the PT will be here. I guess he'd better put me last on his last for Monday.

Tomorrow my plan is to get up early and get out to WalMart early so I can be sure of getting a motorized cart. I have to go tomorrow--I am completely out of dog food, although if necessary they would probably accept half a can of lentil soup each in lieu of regular dog food. As yard dogs, they are not picky eaters. It will be nice to do my own shopping again. OD was a big help with that when I wasn't driving, but I always forgot at least one thing when I was making up the list.

And I am done with DMV for several months.

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