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It's amazing what fun grocery shopping can be, when done in person. And today was the day. I managed to get out of the house about 8 AM and encountered little traffic on my way to the spend-money complex about three miles away. I used the handicapped tag to get a really nice parking place, crutched my way into WalMart and got a motorized cart. Off I went, able to see and compare and get "oh, I need that" ideas as I tooled along. I ended up with an overflowing basket, but I've got a good variety of stuff to eat and to munch on. And the animals will not be reduced to catching their own dinners. (I really doubt the ability of any one of the cats or dogs to do that. Their idea of hunting is to stare at me with big brown mournful eyes.)

And I found some "that's interesting" items also. With a fairly decent coupon in hand I bought one of the Swiffer carpet sweepers. And, it works quite nicely. It's easy to use one-handed, in case I feel the need for a crutch or cane "steadier."

I spent this afternoon largely as a slug. I watched the Panthers destroy the Giants (I was rooting for Carolina, since they are in the same division as the Saints) and it is now halftime in the Cincinnati/Pittsburgh game. I'm rooting for Cincinnati because my parents lived there for a while and I've been to the (former?) stadium. I also read some more in the book I started at DMV. It's the third in Barbara Hambly's series featuring Benjamin Janvier--a FPC in 1830s New Orleans. I hope I'm getting back into the reading mode.

Tomorrow the tree people will be here, but I'll be out of the house about 8 AM for a doctor appointment. And then after lunch I'll get the rear view mirror replaced on my car. And, on top of that, the PT will be coming. I hope he puts me last on his list.

(And an ad for Kodak EasyShare software just popped up. From past experience it cannot be clicked off--you just have to wait it out. I am now extremely inclined to NEVER consider Kodak EasyShare software.)

Tuesday the tree people will still be here. There are at least six or more trees to come down, and more than that that need dead branches trimmed. My magnolia will bite the dust--it's leaning a bit too much. I'm hoping Tim can find one that's about six-eight feet tall to plant in a now-blank space. Oh, there are two or three stumps to be ground.

After that, the place will look much less like a hurricane has been through. And they can say all they want about Katrina being "only" a 3 when it hit New Orleans--the tree damage and amount of leaves stripped off the trees say the winds were a lot stronger around here.

Now to have spinach and mushroom pizza (Lean Cuisine) for supper.

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