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After three days of chain saw noises, chipper noises, and heaven-knows-what-else noises the storm damage has been taken care of. It wasn't cheap, but I didn't expect it to be. And we ended up clearing a lot more than I had anticipated. The tree guy took down about half a dozen trees that were either leaning (with their root balls partly lifted) or dead (usually because their tops had blown off.)

He also cleared out a LOT of the undergrowth and little junk that keeps trying to overtake open areas. (The birds and squirrels eat a lot of wild cherries.) And I got the area around the shed with pool supplies nicely cleared (it involved removing a downed tree) and the drainage ditch for the backwash from the pool cleaned up. They finished up by raking everything smooth.

Now I need to get out there with the rye seed to hold the dirt till the natural green stuff comes up in the spring.

But the yard looks really good.

And Friday the porch that sort of got shifted back during phase one gets a permanent repair. That means that tomorrow I need to buy replacement screening. As long as the porch is being worked on I feel it's time to replace the screening, which is really on the old side.

Oh yes--the live oak got a heavy dose of fertilizer.

At last the yard looks "normal."

Of course, out along the front of the adjacent property there's a huge stack of tree sections. My neighbor started the stack, and my trees are now there also. Supposedly this will eventually get picked up. To date, there has been only one pickup of tree stuff in this neighborhood, and at one time "they" said there would be a total of three pickups.

I think (hope) I'm done with Katrina repairs.

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