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Another day has gone by. The PT came by around noon. I told him my sciatica was acting up (it was) and I was avoiding one of the exercises. It was nice outside so we walked around the yard, then used the front porch for supports with the exercises. Tomorrow should be the last day.

When he'd left I headed out to buy new screening for my front porch. I had considered stopping at Walgreen's on the way home for a couple of things (like frozen calcium) but was feeling so good I headed out to WalMart and loaded up on more pet food (they have non-stop appetites) and frozen dinners for me. I don't have a whole lot of appetite (and that doesn't bother me at all) but if something is there in front of me and needs only to be nuked I'll eat it and keep up a reasonably healthy eating pattern.

WalMart is certainly the social center--I ran into three people I knew. One was the glasses-fixing neighbor who, of course, had to know why I was using the scooter cart. Next it was the librarian and then my long-time next door neighbor. A very satisfying afternoon from the perspective both of restocking the larder and of socializing.

But a day that was very high on the unremarkable list.

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