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I've been "tagged" for a weird habits meme.

So, according to the "rules" I'll write about five weird habits that I have.

I'm also supposed to tag five others who then get to expound on their particular strangnesses. However, I don't feel I really "know" that many cyber friends. So, if you want to do this one, mention that you saw it on my journal and tagged yourself.

My five weird habits:

1. I drive stick--by choice. My kids, of course, think I am really strange, but stick averages about 3 mpg more than automatic.

2. My hair. It's long and I wear it gathered at the neck. Sometimes (such as when I'm swimming) I braid it. And sometimes I braid it AND clip it up. It hasn't seen scissors for years and years. I have great hair genes, so it is still its original mud brown. (But how many women my age wear their hair this way? I prefer to think of it as unique.)

3. I keep an emergency book in the car. That way, if I get stuck in traffic I can always read. Current book is short mysteries. (YD also keeps an emergency book, so maybe it's hereditary.)

4. Some people (obviously not my friends) look at me strangely because I read a lot of science fiction--and have been doing so for more than 55 years.

5. Like Rhubarb, I always check my mail first thing in the morning. Usually the most exciting thing in it is the daily Freecycle bulletin. After the mail I check the weather radar, then the BBC news.

So, if you are so inclined, post your own five weird things (about yourself.)

I'll go back to watching the Panthers lose to Seattle. I already watched the Broncos lose to the Steelers. My "fandom" is obviously the kiss of death.

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