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Blaher Day
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Yep--another day filled with excitement and questions.

Will Bad Cat beat me to the door and get outside? The answer to that one was yes, but she sort of regretted it. It had just stopped raining and she got her little paws wet. Serves her right.

What the *&??# happened on the front porch? A box containing paint for the pool stripes was torn apart and the foam pellets were all over. Okay, the pool guy yesterday opened the box to see that it was the right paint. I guess Bad Dog may have done the scattering? But there is no evidence of her trying to tear apart the screen to get in. And even though it rained, it didn't thunder, and that's what I think sets her off.

Am I going to be able to take advantage of the wet ground and get more rye seed on the naked areas? That was a yes--I spread one spreading-container of seed. Then I got to a slightly lower spot and decided that I didn't want to walk in mud--first on general principles, because it makes a mess of the shoes, and second because it's not a good idea with my present level of walking stability. I'm doing more and more walking around the house without a cane or crutch, but the house has walls conveniently located in case I need to steady myself.

Have I anything I really need at a variety of stores (because I am going stir crazy and plan to eat lunch at ARby's)? It's Saturday. I figured the answer to that question "nothing that can't wait a couple of days" but I drove by the stores area just to be sure. Nearest parking spaces were about five miles away--well, not really, but waaaay far from the entrances. And all the handicapped spots were full.

The final part of the drive home was on the highway that seems to have a perpetual top traffic speed of 10 mph. Today it was more like 6 mph. And the worthy members of the Slidell planning or whatever board are actually talking about letting "them" build a movie multiplex in the middle of the stop-and-slow area. Can you imagine what the traffic will be like? The road here has one lane east and one lane west, and a turning lane in between them. Okay, at night I don't think the traffic is that bad, but what about Saturday and Sunday? (These, of course, are the same planners who have, over the years, allowed acres and acres of marshland to be filled in so there could be more subdivisions--all of which flooded badly from Katrina.)

So much for another blah day.

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