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This morning I "dined" at McDonald's.

Yesterday afternoon when I dropped off my prescription I learned that it wouldn't be ready for about four hours. Normally, that's not a problem, but I wanted to start taking the stuff this morning. So, I decided to get an early start, pick up the pills before 8 AM, then have breakfast "out." The choice was pretty much limited to Burger King and McDonald's, in terms of food I felt like eating.

The local BK is more than a bit cold and dim in its "dining room"--at least it was the last time I was there--so I decided on Mickey. The last time I had breakfast there one could get regular scrambled eggs. Not any more--so I settled for a McGriddle with bacon, egg, and cheese. It was really quite tasty. Add OJ and senior coffee and it was a very satisfactory start to the day. I'd taken along the newspaper and was able to read it in a nice leisurely manner. And it was different way to start the day.

The big event of the day happened later in the morning, when I was in the computer room. The dogs had been barking, but I figured it was because of the guys putting in the cement driveway next door and went on with what I'd been doing. However, when I opened the door to go check the mail there was my long-lost suitcase on the steps! (I'd tacked a note up on the gate asking UPS to take it too the house, and not just leave it out by the gate like they sometimes do.)

Aside from having my digging clothes back--and a $45 shirt that is supposed to be SPF 45 (and is no longer in the catalog)--I also got back four books of varying "heaviness" (or "lightness," as the case may be.) And, inventoried as "first aid kit" was the bag with my leftover and emergency antibiotics, including the one I take before I go to the dentist. (The artificial hips require premedication an hour before any dental work.) Good thing that came back--I have a dentist appointment next week and I probably wouldn't have noticed the pills were gone till too late. Some of the stuff, like flashlight batteries, I'll probably just leave in the bag in anticipation of a trip this summer. That's as good a place to store stuff as any.

Other than the return of the bright lime green duffel, my day was on the usual boring side, although I finished a mind-candy book I'd bought last night.

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