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Bubble, bubble--that's what my septic tank is doing again. I've got a system that has an aerator pump. The old tanks were banned maybe twenty years ago. If you already had one, okay. But new installations had to be what is, in effect, a miniature treatment plant.

For years that little pump under my front porch has quietly hummed along. Until Katrina--probably. The minor surge from the lake that came up our street, hanging my bridge over the mailbox, also would have doused that pump. So, it may have died of old age, and then it may have drowned. I got a lot of years out of it.

This afternoon a guy showed up to put in a new one. Turns out he has a masters in English, can't find a job, so is helping his dad out with sewerage system repairs. Another large check written, althugh this one had just three digits to the left of the decimal point.

I FINALLY got what passes for Christmas cards out. Well, I certainly couldn't write them before I went to Kenya, and with everything happening there I was more than a bit busy with other stuff. But today I wrote a 2005 summary letter. People will know that I didn't drown in Katrina and that my property survived, albeit with a lot fewer trees.

I'm currently working on finding my dining room table. Stuff just sort of accumulated there when it was a lot harder to get around. But I've got bills up to date and filed and I even looked at a couple of things for the income tax.

AHA!! I think I killed the Kodak Easy Share pop-up. I tried right-clicking, and up came a menu with Delete on it. I hope it stays away.

Bad Cat zipped out of the house as I left for supper and some errands. If she doesn't watch out she'll be spending the night outside. I'll try banging a food dish and see if that brings her. Luckily, the other cats know when they have it made and don't try to go out.

And, the septic tank is bubbling along agian.

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