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Incredibly Unremarkable Day
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(If I ever use the abbreviation IUD in a post, I will NOT be referring to a birth control device. Look at the title of this post.)

Let's see now--what happened today? Well, about an hour ago I managed to lock myself out. But since I keep one door unlocked, it was not a problem. Even if that one had been locked, I keep a spare house key outside.

I have come slightly to terms with Bad Cat going out. I do believe she is leaving her tootsie rolls out there. The accumulation rate in the catboxes inside seems to have slowed down a bit.

I used up the last of a bag of dry cat food, so I used that as an excuse for going to the store this morning.

I took a nap after lunch and woke up with a sore-ish shoulder frpm the position I slept in.

I read some more in 1421. I bundled up the last three mind candy books I read to mail to a long-time friend in a nursing home. She was in New Orleans, but evacuated to Baton Rouge where her father lives. She is now in a much nicer place, according to her Charistmas card.

And now I shall go back to reading 1421 while watching Tv drivel. As I said--an IUD.

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