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IUD Redux
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Another day like most of my days. However, this one ws broken up in the afternoon by the telephone man.

It seems that Bell South has concluded that ALL their terminals should be a new supposedly-watertight design. This morning I noticed three telephone trucks headed down to the end of my street (and remember, this is Saturday) and wondered if there had been a break in the service.

An hour or so later the telephone guy was in my driveway, honking to get my attention. He had noticed the dogs and preferred to find out if they were agressive from the safety of his car. He clued me in on what they were doing. When he got back to the pole where my terminal is, he discovered an empty chlorine bucket sitting there, which was just the right height for him to sit on and work from. I guess it's there from gardening or something.

By the end of the day they probably had finished most of the houses on my street, which is about a mile and a quarter long.

Bad Cat seems to have learned how to get back inside when she is done eating the fresh rye grass and watching the birds and squirrels. She stands at the main door and meows. Actually, she's a little cat and she mews. She has also learned (I think) not to go out near mealtime, because she will be late and Other Cat will have eaten some of her food. Yesterday that happened, and when Lady (aka Bad Cat) dashed onto the front porch CC left her half-eaten dish and moved over to the full one. There is always dry food down, so it's not like any of the cats are in danger of malnutrition.

I'm making good progress on 1421 and finding it more and more interesting. At the moment I don't have a mind candy book "going," although I have a couple on hand.

I'm looking at the calendar and February starts next week!

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