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Another Quiet Day
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I woke up really early this morning--about 5 AM. At first I thought it was way too early to even think about getting up, but I couldn't get back to sleep so get up I did. When I was working I got up about 4:30 so I didn't have to rush around madly before leaving about 6 AM. So, early rising may be in my sleep "thermostat."

Anyway, the good part about the early wakeup was that I could wash my hair and have it thoroughly dry before heading for church. The bad part was that I was ready for a nap after lunch, and that nap was a long one.

Bad Cat had slipped out when I went for the paper in the morning and was playing invisible when I left. She continued to play invisible until she heard the sounds of feeding dishes. When she went out she left the steps flying, trying to investigate that gray thing with the fuzzy tail that was eating the critter food tossed on the lawn. The squirrel was halfway up a tree before she got near where it had been. (I do hope she doesn't try climbing trees.)

When I woke up from my nap I channel-surfed until I hit the Discovery Channel, which had a couple of very interesting programs about China. I went to China in 1998 so many of the places they showed are familiar to me. But the second program was about the buildings for the 2008 Olympics--and they are really spectacular.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. I must put out the premedication antibioitc (because of the artificial joints) so I don't forget to take it. The apointment was originally before Christmas, but I was in the hospital at that time. I called and left a cancellation message with the answering service. When the dentist's wife (she works in the office) got the message she was more than a bit surprised. And she told me she immediately called OD to find out what I was talking about. I suspect I'll get more questions tomorrow! (I've been going to this dentist 30 years, and was among his very first patients.)

The last part of my "quiet day" will include Desparate Housewives and reading.

(My large orange cat is snoring.)

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