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No, not of people with colds, or over-zealous Congressional police who scan T-shirts, or those e-mails that promise to enlarge a body part you do not possess.

No, it's Beware of Bookworm. (This is a Pop-Cap game, which most of you are probably aware of.)

In my crashing boredom I've started playing a game of it now and then. Usually my library burnns down within ten minutes max. But not today. I kept lucking out on letter combinations and it was more than 30 minutes before a fire tile made it to the bottom. My score was 312980. I forget what my rank was, but it sounded impressive.

After that experience I shall make sure I have plenty of time before starting another Bookworm game.

The rest of my day today was equally unproductive. I answered some e-mails and read 1421. I shall finish that this evening. I didn't leave the house--mostly in case the pool guy came by. He's usually in Slidell on Thursdays, and when I looked at my cell phone I discovered that today was, indeed, Thursday.

Weather today was really nice, although last night some heavy thunderstorms came through. I vaguely recall hearing them. New Orleans, however, had a nasty tornado touch down. It damaged one of the four concourses at the airport, and the airport was without power till about noon. It toppled a police radio tower and then "visited" a couple of badly flooded once-nice subdivisions. In a couple of cases the partial repairs were destroyed. And, it toppled some of the FEMA travel trailers which hadn't been properly tied down (by FEMA.) One guy was in his bed when the trailer went over. His pickup was tossed on top of the mess. Fabian has gotten tired of Lady (Bad Cat) challenging him. This afternoon he chased her under the desk and wouldn't let her out. It's good exercise for him--I haven't ever seen him move reasonably quickly before Lady started harassing him. He just sits there so she can't get out. CC and he get along fine, on the other hand. So--a word of warning: don't start Bookworm when you have only five or ten minutes to kill!

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