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Small Victories
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Because of the lighting in the bathroom I like to use a shower curtain that has a lot of clear space in its pattern. My present shower curtain is suffering terminal breakage at the eyelets, but earlier forays into the world of shower curtains have been notably unsuccessful, and I was about resigned to making do with a shower curtain liner when I checked WalMart, for what was probably the umpteenth time. Hooray! They had several designs on essentially transparent backgrounds. I can now take down the old one with the adhesive tape that didn't fix the end eyelet and retire that curtain to the car as an emergency ground cloth or whatever.

(On a somewhat related note--I find that washing a grungy shower curtain in the washer, using warm water and fabric softener (the rinse product) gets rid of the soap scum on it.)

Enough of household hints and small victories in finding something I've been on the lookout for the past year. (Grammer freaks--try to parse THAT sentence!)

Another small victory--I managed to persuade Bad Cat that she should not run outside when I got back from the store. That is when I feed the beasts, and she seems to be learning that if she isn't there when I put the food down, it may get eaten by the other girl cat. (Monster man eats only dry food.)

And--this is not a small victory--I have finished the book. There's a short post script left, but the main part of the book is done. It was worth the time it took to read it. I haven't settled on the next geek book to read. (And I haven't decided whether to sneak in another mind candy book first.)

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