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Matron of Honor
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I had barely gotten in the house after church when the phone rang (the landline one!). It was the woman who had been my matron of honor way back in 1958. (She was also my landlady in '57-'58.) She'd gotten my very belated holiday newletter a week or so ago and decided to call.

It was really good to talk to her. Last year her news was that she was in Hospice care, but her 2005 note said things were going really well and she was no longer in hospice, but doing just fine. I was really really pleased to hear that.

We chatted for quite a while covering all sorts of topics, but mostly just conversing.

I met her when I went to work at Cape Canaveral in 1957. She was the so-called secretary and I was an engineering aide. There wasn't really a whole lot of difference in what we did--all of us reduced data after test firings and all of us helped by typing up the reports of said tests. And all of us worked the 24 hour+ shifts (with overtime pay) to get the reports done and on the desk of the Air Force people 24 hours after the firings.

I'd known my husband only a month when we got married and the wedding was very small. The office staff (my friends) had to work that day. Diane--my friend--was no longer working because she was eight months pregnant. Her husband had to work that day. The best man was someone who worked for the same company as my husband (and we still exchange cards at Christmas) and he was able to attend, as was his wife. My parents were there, and had brought along a great-aunt and -uncle I'd never met before, but who lived in Orlando.

Several years later--I think it was 1962--we stopped to see Diane and her family at their California home. We had camped our way from Cheyenne to Seattle for the World's Fair, then down through California, stopping in the San Francisco area. From there we went to the Los Angeles area where we visited my father-in-law and his family and took the opportunity to vote in person for the first time. (Previous voting had been absentee.) OD was a year old at that time.

I just did the math and I've known her almost 50 years! That must mean I'm really getting on in years.

That phone call made for a very nice day.

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