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Today was its usual blah self in the morning, but in the afternoon my plan was to eat and read and then go to Sam's for some salmon fillets and cooked chicken breasts.

Part one of the plan worked just fine--until I was ready to leave the restaurant and realized that the gray clouds that had caused me to add my umbrella to my bag were leaking. So much for the Sma's plans--until I looked at the sky in that direction and it appeared to be clearer than the sky over me. So, I headed out there, and the closer I got the drier it got. Once inside I grabbed a motorized cart and head for the meats. However, to get to the meats you have to go by a whole bunch of other sections, including the books. I have a very low resistance level to books, and even though these were hardback, three new volumes in various series that I follow were tempting me from the shelves. No, I didn't buy all three--just two of the three. The "S" Sue Grafton was there, and the latest J. D. Robb. (The one I didn't buy was a new The Cat Who . . ..) I shall rationalize that after reading 1421 I need to get my reading speed up again, and mind candy does just that. My big decision is which one to start with.

(The semi-geek book I'm now reading is Assembling California, by JOhn McPhee.)

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