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I just finished reading the Sue Grafton novel that is about S. Tomorrow (or the next day) it gets mailed off to a friend. What do they say about books? if you love it, let it go?

Another trip into New Orleans, and the usual gloom as I drive through the eastern part. What I can see from the interstate is street after street with almost no traffic. And the same mud and dirt covered cars in front of the houses and apartments. There was a new sign on the interstate, near the Home Depot that has been open for a while--this one advertises a place with "home-cooked meals."

Today the traffic lights were working on the street I use when I exit the interstate (Cleveland, for those who know N.O.) and the gurneys were no longer in the walkway of Tulane Hospital above the street. Little by little.

Most of the areas that I drive through on Tuesdays did not flood, and they are looking lovely and green and the azaleas and Japanese magnolias are blooming nicely. Here on the North Shore it's a little cooler and the azaleas etc. are just beginning to come out. Even though we didn't have much rain this fall, the flooding (provided it wasn't salty) certainly did a good job of watering the plants.

I need to keep on tossing out the rye seed. The stuff I spread a couple of weeks ago has taken root nicely and is lovely and green. However, it sure shows up the areas I haven't hit yet. The rye, aside from looking good, will help hold the soil that got stirred up by the tree equipment in place.

Maybe tomorrow for the grass seed.

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