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Chili('s) Tonight
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This evening I took YD and YGD to dinner. At Chili's.

I wanted to bring a belated Christmas present and a big, floppy Valentine dog to Anna. The dog is almost as big as she is, and has a lovely soft squishy body. She likes "puppy." The other was the tiger wrap-araound towel that I couldn't resist. There's a sort of cap, which is the tiger head, with ears. Then the ends of the towel have little mitts. The towel itself is tiger-striped and has, of course, a tail. It's large enough to really wrap around a kid. Wonder of wonders, she didn't have one like it!

I haven't really had much chance to see her, what with one thing and another. She has gotten quite verbal. That's what her daily contact with lots of other kids does--speeds the talking.

Other than that, my day wasn't much of anything. I emptied the dryer so that I had a place to dry some laundry I did this morning. I watched most of the women's hockey game on TV and, of course, took a nap.

My regular complaint about Olympics coverage is that there is too much "behind the scenes," so to speak, and too little of the actual competitions. It's okay (in my mind) to toss in tidbits about the athletes while they are competing, but the cutaways to background profiles--while competition is going on--do not hold my attention. At least they pretty much stuck to the hockey game this afternoon. (That was on ESPN2.)

So much for another day.

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