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Slow Sunday
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It was cold this morning, and it still isn't particularly warm. Last month's gas bill was over $100. That's another expense of Not Working--when I go out I leave it way down. So, I make liberal use of sweaters, afghans, and cats. The cats are quite happy to share body heat, especially if I have an afghan over me.

Went to church and saw some old friends I hadn't seen since Before Katrina. Chatted a bit with them. They're friends of OD and had heard about my African Adventure so they weren't surprised to see me with a cane.

I've had the Olympics on while I've been reading and napping. The Americans women won their second hockey game by a score of something like 6-0 against Germany. They seem to be very good. I learned that about 100 U.S. colleges have women's ice hockey teams. I am impressed. I suppose if I lived up north I'd be more of ice hockey as a sport, but it's not really too big in the south. New Orleans had a very minor league team for a couple of years, but it's been gone for quite a while. The kids transformed it to street hockey with roller blades.

As I said, a slow Sunday.

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